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Full Service Usability Consulting
Take advantage of my 25 years of experience in usability testing, instructional design, learning technologies, and online systems. 
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Choose from three options for a fast assessment of how to improve conversions and customer satisfaction, and remove friction.    
It's Usable, It's Useful, It Works  
Your web site can be usable but not relevant, or offer valuable info but not present it well. And if it breaks for users, useful and usable don't matter.

The Online Customer Experience Determines Business Results



I help web and e-marketing professionals help their clients succeed online. I provide in-depth insights into actual user-customer-visitor behavior that WILL increase any online "completions" your clients seek.

FACT: Every online event, every touch, conversion, action, every online "completion" is a human event and requires a decision by a real human, real-time. This includes clicks, traffic, registrations, orders, conversions, inquiries, offers, calls to action, and effectively engaging clients once they raise their hands.

Only direct, rigorous observation of these humans and their real-time decisions on your web sites can provide the right optimization – and results for your clients.

All the services, tools, science, processes, tests, tracking, and surveys I offer serve my focused, primary approach – defining, locating, and directly interacting with real humans while they interact with your site, face-to-face or remotely. I have a well-honed knack for quickly "getting into it" with real people and uncovering qualitative and quantitative AHA's using inquiry, dialog, chit-chat, structured tasks, and much more.

I deliver specific and actionable insights, evidence, and recommendations, for online professionals, at any stage of your client processes. My rates are $2500 and up, depending on number of tests, users, and sites.

Oh, yes - don't forget: the ROI on this type of focused insight is typically 10X, and often much higher.

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If, for your clients, you don't map, measure, and observe real people in the real world, I guarantee you have opportunities now to advance your clients' online goals, delight real visitors, and improve your services. Do the math on whatever your sites and campaigns are designed to produce: inquiries, leads, conversions, orders, or support. What is a 5%, or a 25%, improvement worth to your clients' bottom line?

And what's it worth to your standing as an online professional?

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